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Updated schedule for Route 57

Effective Monday, Oct. 28, there will be an adjustment to the Route 57 schedule for trips heading toward Ainslie Terminal.

View the Route 57 schedule

Additional trip on Route 19

Effective Tuesday, Oct. 15, we have added a 9:43pm departure on Route 19 from UW Davis Centre to Albert/Hazel.

Service adjustments effective Monday, Oct. 7

To address overcrowding on some routes, GRT is adding extra trips and modifying some trip times.

The following trips will be added:

  • Rt. 8 Weber departing Central Station to University at King at 7:27am
  • Rt. 10A Pioneer departing Doon Village at Millwood to Conestoga College at 7:34am
  • Rt. 19 Hazel departing Hazel at Albert to UW at 7:58am, 9:35am, 10:55am, and 1:58pm

The following trips will be modified:

  • Rt. 10A Pioneer departing Conestoga College to Fairway Station at 5:53pm (previously departed at 5:50pm)
  • Rt. 201 iXpress departing Fischer-Hallman at Ottawa to Conestoga College at 7:03am (trip previously began at Block Line at Strasburg at 7:10am)

Due to low ridership, the following trips will be removed:

  • Rt. 9 Lakeshore departing Highpoint at Northfield to UW at 7:18am and 7:33am
  • Rt. 9 Lakeshore departing Cedarbrae at Glen Forrest to UW at 7:54am, 8:24am, 8:39am, 8:54am, 9:09am, 9:24am, 9:39am, and 10:08am
  • Rt. 9 Lakeshore departing UW to Cedarbrae at Glen Forrest at 2:43pm, 3:01pm, 3:18pm, 3:35pm, 3:51pm, 4:05pm, 4:21pm, 4:35pm, 4:51pm, 5:05pm, 5:21pm, 5:35pm, 5:51pm, 6:05pm, 6:19pm, and 6:31pm
  • Rt. 201 iXpress departing Block Line at Strasburg to Conestoga College at 7:45am