Plan your trip

There are a number of different tools you can use to plan your trip. Using our online trip planner, you can enter your starting location and destination, and it will map out your journey for you.

Learn more about GRT's trip planning tools.

Riding the bus

Before you leave, remember to check what you can bring on the bus.

Find your bus stop

All GRT bus stops have stop markers with the 4-digit stop number. You should plan to be at your stop at 3-5 minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.

Board the bus

When you see the bus approaching, check the destination sign above the windshield to make sure it's the bus you want. Let the driver know you want to board the bus by standing close to the curb next to the bus stop sign. As the bus comes to a stop and the doors open, it will announce the route number, name and the final destination of the trip.

Never run for a bus or hit it to get the driver's attention. Accidents may occur while in a rush.

Pay your fare

You can pay your fare with cash, tickets, or a pass. Learn how to pay your fare on the bus.

Riding the bus

Stand behind the yellow line at the front of the bus, and do not block the rear doorways. Keep your bags and belongings on your lap so that seats are free for other riders. When standing, hold onto the poles, handrails on seats or overhead straps.

Get off at your stop

All GRT buses have automated stop announcements. Listen for your stop to be announced. When your stop is announced, signal that you want to get off the bus by pulling the yellow cord that runs along the windows or pressing the red "Stop" button along the centre aisle. The "Stop Requested" sign at the front of the bus will light up. Gather your things so you're ready to exit the bus when it stops.

When the bus stops, exit through the rear door of the bus whenever possible. GRT buses have two styles of rear doors, push bars and motion sensors.

  • Push bars: To open the push bar doors, wait for the green light above the doors to light up. Press against one of the vertical bars to open the door.
  • Motion sensor doors: These doors have a sticker with a picture of a hand. Wait for the green light above the doors to light up, then hold your hand in front of the sticker to open the doors.

Travel Training

GRT offers free training on how to travel on GRT for people with disabilities, older adults and people new to GRT's services. The training covers all aspects of traveling with GRT, including planning your trip, paying your fare, boarding the bus with a wheelchair or scooter, and traveling to and from bus stop.

Learn more about GRT's travel training program.