Travel training is a free program designed to teach people with disabilities, older adults, and local people new to GRT services how to travel confidently and safely on transit.

Benefits of travel training:

  • Freedom to go where you want when you want
  • Greater community involvement
  • Better access to employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Increased confidence and independence

You will learn to:

  • Plan your trip to specific destinations using the easiest and safest route
  • Read and understand route maps and schedules
  • Recognize bus numbers, stops and landmarks,
  • Travel to and from bus stops
  • Board the bus with your wheelchair or scooter
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Locate and transfer to other buses

Our experienced trainers:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of GRT services
  • Put your safety and comfort first
  • Ensure that the training is suited to your needs

Types of travel training:

Presentations: We'll deliver a presentation tailored to the specific needs of your community group on the accessibility features of GRT system.

Basic orientation to GRT: A shortened training for individuals or groups of people who already have some basic travel skills.

Mobility device sessions : Practical, on the bus training for people who use standard wheelchairs and scooters. GRT provides practice training sessions on how to board and exit a bus using a mobility device on an out of service bus.

One-on-one travel training: Individualized training for customers who find it challenging to learn to use conventional transit services. Training is provided in multiple sessions with the goal of the customer riding safely and independently (with an attendant if required).

Service provider workshops: This program is for agencies that have a client-base who needs extra information or instruction to be able to use transit independently. We provide your staff and volunteers with the training and resources they need to get your clients using transit. Please contact us for upcoming dates.

Request travel training

Complete the online form to request travel training. Select Bus > Service > Travel Training Request or Train > Service > Travel Training Request.

Questions? Contact 519-585-7555.

TTY (Deaf and hard of hearing): 519-575-4608