Route 79 Flex Breslau is a pilot transit service in the town of Breslau and the surrounding area, with connections to other GRT routes in Kitchener. It operates as an on-demand flex service, providing trips as needed to locations within the coverage area. The route will use a fully-accessible low-floor 6m vehicle equipped with a bike rack.

You can travel anywhere within the boundary shown on the map.

Key destinations:

  • Town of Breslau
  • Breslau Community Centre
  • Conestoga Meat Packers
  • Region of Waterloo International Airport
  • Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre
  • Woodland Christian High School

Map of the coverage area for Route 79 Breslau

Schedule and hours of service

Route 79 Breslau is an on-demand service, meaning that it doesn’t operate on a fixed schedule or route. When you book a trip, the app combines your booking with other trips to create the routing.

Route 79 operates Monday to Friday, 6-10 a.m., 2-6 p.m. and 10:45-11:45 p.m. You can book trips up to two days in advance.

Note that if you try to book a trip close to the end of service hours and the trip can’t be completed before service ends, the booking will not go through. For example, if you try to book at 9:45 a.m. and it would take longer than 15 minutes to complete the trip, your booking will not be accepted.

Virtual stops
Route 79 uses virtual stops; some have a stop marker and some don't. When you book a trip using the GRT Flex app, you'll be directed to the closest virtual stop to catch the bus. The app will tell you which side of the street to board on to catch the bus.
Fares and fare payment

You can pay your fare with cash, EasyGO fare card, U-Pass, Conestoga College pass, or a transfer from a conventional GRT bus.

View current fares

To pay with cash:

  1. Insert coins into the coin slot. The operator does not make change, so be sure you have exact change.
  2. If you need a transfer, ask the operator.

To pay with an EasyGO fare card, U-Pass or Conestoga College pass:

  1. Press validate ticket/transfer
  2. Select smart card
  3. Hold your card to the top of the validator until you hear the positive tone

How tp pay your fare with an EasyGO fare card on Route 79

Video of fare payment with an EasyGO fare card

To pay with a transfer:

  1. Press validate ticket/transfer
  2. Select transfer
  3. Scan the transfer using the barcode reader on the right side of the validator. A red light indicates where you can scan.

To pay for a group with an EasyGO fare card

You can pay for another person or group of people if you have stored value loaded on your card. 

  1. Press validate ticket/transfer
  2. Select smart card
  3. Press group fare
  4. Increase or decrease the number of riders
  5. Hold your card to the top of the validator until you hear the positive tone. 
Connecting to other GRT routes
Route 79 connects to Route 204 iXpress Highland-Victoria and Route 34 Bingemans at stop 7050 Victoria / Lackner. 
Booking your trip and how to ride

You can plan and book your trip using the GRT Flex app (available for Android and iOS). You can book trips up to two days in advance.

Route 79 information is not available in the GRT trip planner at this time.

For help with planning your trip or using the app, call 519-585-7555.

How to use the GRT Flex app

Search for GRT Flex in the App store or Google Play store.

Tap on "Register" to create your account.

Tap "Enable Location" so the app can take your location into account when booking a trip.

To book a ride, tap on "Where To". To change the starting point of your trip, tap on "Current Location" and enter the address or landmark. Tap on "Where To" to set your destination.

Select whether you want to leave right away or schedule a trip for later.

Add any additional riders who will be travelling with you.

You'll see a summary with the details of your trip. If you need to cancel your trip, tap "Cancel Ride".

The app will show your pickup location and provide directions if you need to walk to a virtual stop.

Tap the calendar icon to see upcoming trips. Note: Trips cannot be rescheduled. If you need to book your trip for a new time, tap Cancel Ride and book a new trip.

Privacy policy and terms of use

The information you provide when you register to ride Route 79 Breslau is collected and used in connection with your use of Grand River Transit’s (GRT) flexible transit service. The personal information collected through the GRT Flex app (name, phone number, and, if provided, address) is used to identify an individual rider for the purposes of pick-up and drop-off on GRT’s flexible transit service (including Route 79 Breslau). This information is processed by the Region's third party service provider (Spare Labs) and staff at the Region of Waterloo. GRT uses and may share your Personal Information only for purposes for which it was collected, or for a purpose consistent with such purposes. GRT will only collect, use or disclose your personal information in accordance with MFIPPA

The personal information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act. If you have questions about the handling of your personal information, please contact Pat Morabito, Manager of Marketing, Communications and Customer Service.

Route 79 Breslau services are administered through the GRT Flex application provided by Spare Labs. For information specific to the use of Spare Labs services, please refer to Spare Labs’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Project background

Route 79 Breslau is a pilot project developed in partnership with Metrolinx (the provincial agency responsible for GO Transit). Route 79 was developed after extensive consultation with people who live and work in Breslau and those interested in travelling to and from Breslau.

Read about the project background on the Engage Waterloo Region page