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Fare products and prices
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Purchasing fare products
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The Affordable Transit Program (ATP) offers a 50 per cent discount on the price of GRT fare products. ATP is open to anyone in Waterloo Region living with low income.

 If approved, all members of your household can purchase the discounted fare products. This includes all children 17 or younger.

ATP replaces the Transit for Reduced Income Program (TRIP) and the Transit Study program products.


You may be eligible for ATP if:

  • You are 18 or older
  • You live in the Region of Waterloo
  • You are not a full-time college or university student
  • Your household income is below the income limit

A household can include a single person living alone, or a partner, child, parent or grandparent living with you for financial support.

Your household net income (add line 23600 from each members tax return) must be below these limits:

Household size and income limit
Household size 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people
Household income after taxes $29,594 or less $41,852 or less $51,258 or less $59,188 or less $66,174 or less $72,490 or less

Eligibility for the ATP is managed by the Region of Waterloo Department of Community Services. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact Community Services at 519-883-2100 ext. 3 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.).

Fare products and prices

Once you are approved for ATP, you can purchase monthly passes, stored value or MobilityPLUS tickets. All products offer the same 50 per cent discount.

Fare product

Adult fare

Affordable Transit Program

Monthly pass



Stored value payment



MobilityPLUS ATP tickets (strip of 5)



Note: There is a $10 minimum load for stored value online. At customer service and fare vending machines, the minimum load is $0.05.

Applying for the Affordable Transit Program

Apply for ATP

If you have questions while completing the ATP application, call 519-883-2100 ext. 3. Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.

If you need assistance to complete the ATP application, you can also visit one of the Community Service Welcome Centres. 

  • 99 Regina St. S., Waterloo
  • 20 Weber St. E., Kitchener
  • 150 Main St. Cambridge

Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

Application documents

Here’s what you’ll need to submit your application:

If you receive Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support:

  • Date of birth
  • SAMS Member ID OR Social Insurance Number

If you receive subsidized child care:

  • Date of birth
  • Address

If you are a former student: 

  • If you were a student in the last calendar year, you will need to provide proof of completion/graduation documents.

If you are not receiving OW, ODSP or subsidized child care, and you are a former student, you’ll need to provide proof of address and proof of income.

Proof of address – 1 of the following:

  • Valid driver's licence
  • Ontario health card (e.g. photo or temporary card)
  • Ontario photo ID card
  • Government issued mail
  • Current utility bill
  • Rent receipt or lease
  • Mortgage document

Proof of income – 1 of the following, for each income-earning member of your household:

  • Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment: your most recent Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency that shows your income on line 23600. This is the document that the CRA sent you after they received your tax summary; it verifies your net income. 
  • CRA Proof of income statement (Option C)
  • Letter from Registered Social Worker

You can submit your supporting documents by uploading a copy of the documents during the application process, or emailing a copy to Use your application reference number as the subject line.

You can also submit your application online and bring your documents in person to one of the Community Services Welcome Centres:   

  • 99 Regina St. S., Waterloo
  • 20 Weber St. E., Kitchener
  • 150 Main St. Cambridge

Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Getting your proof of income documents


  • Log in to your Canada Revenue Agency My Account
  • Once you've logged in, you can download your notice of assessment, or get a proof of income statement (Option C).

By phone:

  • Call 1-800-267-6999
  • You'll need your:
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Full name and date of birth
    • Your complete address
    • Line 150 from your most recent assessment

Purchasing fare products

Once you're approved for ATP, you'll need to visit GRT customer service to get your ATP EasyGO fare card. A new card costs $5. Every eligible member of your household who will be using transit will need to go to customer service, in person, to get their photo taken and printed on their EasyGO card.

Once you have your ATP EasyGO fare card, you can load reduced monthly passes or stored value.

You can load monthly passes:

You can load stored value

If you purchase a regular monthly pass before your eligibility is confirmed, you will not be able to have your pass refunded. You will be able to purchase a discounted monthly pass for the next calendar month.

MobilityPLUS customers

If you use MobilityPLUS specialized services, you can purchase reduced MobilityPLUS ATP tickets to pay your fare on MobilityPLUS vehicles.

ATP tickets can be purchased at:

  • GRT Customer Service Centre, 105 King St. E., Kitchener (corner of King and Benton streets)
  • Ainslie Street Terminal, 35 Ainslie St. S., Cambridge
  • By calling 519-585-7597 ext. 7347 (Credit card only)

Renewing your card

Your eligibility for ATP lasts for one year. Once the year is up, your card will no longer work on GRT. If you are still eligible for ATP, you can reapply for the program. 

There are two steps to renewing your card:

  1. Complete and submit the ATP application again, including your updated proof of income documents, if required.
  2. Once your application is approved, visit GRT customer service to get your new ATP card. Any leftover stored value balance can be transferred from the old card to your new card.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is the Affordable Transit Program?

The Affordable Transit program offers a reduced fare for people living with low income in Waterloo Region. Those who qualify through the application process receive a 50 per cent discount on specific GRT fare products. You must be 18-years-old or older to apply. If approved, eligibility lasts one year and individuals can apply annually.

 2. Why is the Transit for Reduced Income Program (TRIP) being replaced?
 The Affordable Transit  Program replaces TRIP. The ATP makes it possible to now offer more residents living with low income a discounted transit fare. 
 3. What if Ontario Works (OW) is paying for my bus pass?
 There are no changes for you; and you can continue to use your card.  When you are no longer eligible through OW, you can apply for the ATP
 4. What defines a household?
 A household can include a single person living alone, or with a partner, child, parent or grandparent (spouse or dependants)who live with you for financial support. 
 5. I'm under the age of 18. Can I still apply?

If you are under 18 years old, you should:

  • Apply as part of your family. Your parent/legal guardian should fill out the application.
  • If special circumstances apply, contact your Ontario Works caseworker, or contact Region of Waterloo Community Services at 519-883-2100.
 6. I've been approved. Now what?
If you are approved you can visit GRT customer service to get your fare card, which costs $5. Please bring valid ID.  Your eligibility in this program will last one year, meaning you will have to apply each year to stay in the program. 
 7. Who determines eligibility?
ATP is managed by Region of Waterloo Community Services. Community Services determines eligibility based on the household income supplied in your application. GRT does not handle applications or eligibility for ATP.
 8. My application was not approved. What can I do?
 If you believe there is  a mistake in your application or your financial circumstances change contact Community Services.
 9. Where is the application? How do I apply?
 The application for ATP will be available online at beginning August 1, 2020.
 10. I live with roommates, but make less than the single person income outlined. Can I apply or are my roommates considered part of my household?
 Yes, you can apply. A household is defined as those who live with you for financial support, such as a spouse, parent or child. 
11. How do I find out if I've been approved for the ATP?
You will receive an email or can find out the status of your application through Community Services or your case worker.
12. What documents do I need when applying?
You will need to provide proof of income and proof of address. Please review the application document section for a list of accepted documents. 
13. I live in one of the townships. Can I still apply?
Residents of Wellesley, Wilmot, Woolwich, and North Dumfries are eligible to apply for ATP.
14. I’m over the age of 65. Can I still apply?
Yes. If your household income falls below the limits outlined you may be eligible for ATP. 
15. My eligibility is going to end. What should I do?

Your card expires after one year. If you allow it to expire, it will no longer work. You will need to reapply for ATP. Submit your application at least 30 days before your card expires. 

Any stored value left on your card can be transferred to a new card. 

16. I've been approved. What fare products can I purchase?
Customers approved for ATP can purchase monthly passes or stored value. Both products offer the same 50 per cent discount. For instance, when paying your fare with stored value, the fare deducted will be the discounted ATP rate. 
17. How does stored value work?
The 50 per cent discount is applied when you pay your fare on bus or train. Not when you load your card with stored value. For instance, if you want to load $20 in stored value on your card, you will pay $20. The discount is applied when you go to pay for a ride, the price deducted from your stored value will be the ATP discounted fare.
18. I forgot my card. Can I pay the reduced rate in cash?
No. To get the ATP rate you must use your EasyGO fare card. 
19. Can I purchase a day pass or summer pass?
No. The ATP only applies to a monthly pass or stored value. 
20. I've lost my fare card. What should I do?
Notify GRT if you have lost your card. Your monthly pass or stored value may be transferred to a new card, but you will be charged a $5 card replacement fee. 
21. I have a transit pass paid for by Ontario Works. Do I have to apply?
If you already receive a transit pass paid for by Ontario Works (TAP), there are no changes to the program. You can continue to use your EasyGO fare card.