No refunds are provided for sales of passes and stored value.

Types of fares and prices
Type of FarePrice
Cash fare $3.50
Single ticket/transfer (from the fare vending machine) $3.50

Children (4 and under)

Maximum 3 children with fare paying customer 

New EasyGO fare card $5.00

Stored value payment

A single fare paid with the EasyGO fare card


Stored value payment (Affordable Transit Program)

A single fare paid with the EasyGO fare card. For those approved for the Affordable Transit Program.


Multi-ride fare

Price per ride, loaded on a multi-ride card from the fare vending machine

Types of passes and prices
Type of PassPrice

Monthly pass

Learn more about the monthly pass


Day pass - single or family

Single use: For unlimited travel on one calendar day.

Family use: For unlimited travel for a family on Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday; during the winter break or March break.

Learn more about the day pass


Monthly pass - Affordable Transit Program

For those approved for the Affordable Transit Program



For full-time University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier students. Cost is included as a line item in tuition fees.

Learn more about the U-Pass


College Pass

Per 4-month term.

Learn more about the college pass


SunONE summer pass

For youth ages 5-17. Valid July 1 to August 31. Available for purchase at customer service locations. Provide proof of age at time of purchase.


TravelWise corporate pass

Per month. For employees of companies enrolled in the TravelWise program.

Learn more about the TravelWise corporate pass


Veteran's pass

Lifetime pass for Canadian veterans 65 and older for unlimited use of transit.

Learn more about the Veteran's pass

No cost

TAP pass

For Ontario Works adult participants who attend St. Louis School on a full-time basis.

Learn more about the TAP pass

No cost

CNIB pass

Annual pass for CNIB customers for unlimited use of conventional GRT buses and ION light rail.

Learn how to get your CNIB card

No cost

MobilityPLUS tickets

For use on MobilityPLUS specialized services only. MobilityPLUS customers ride free on conventional buses and ION light rail.

MobilityPLUS reduced tickets can be used until June 30, 2022.

MobilityPLUS tickets (strip of 5)


Affordable Transit Program MobilityPLUS tickets (strip of 5)

For those approved for the Affordable Transit Program