GO Train riders can board a GRT bus for only 50¢ to travel to and from the Kitchener GO station.

When you board the bus, show the operator your Presto card or valid GO Train ticket and deposit 50¢ in the farebox.

Valid GO train fares:

  • Adult single ride ticket or day pass
  • Senior or child single ride ticket or day pass
  • Student single ride ticket or day pass

Please note: GO Transit group passes and employee passes cannot be used with the Connect to GO 50¢ fare. The Connect to GO 50¢ fare is only accepted during valid Kitchener Go train service times.

Connect-to-GO and the EasyGO fare card

The Connect-to-GO flag is not available yet on the EasyGO fare card. GO train riders with an EasyGO fare card should continue to show the operator their Presto card or valid GO Transit ticket and deposit 50¢ in the farebox.

When the Connect-to-GO flag is available, Presto customers can set the flag on their fare cards. When the card is tapped on the farebox, the full stored value fare will be deducted; when tapped again on a device at the Kitchener Train Station, the fare minus 50¢ will be refunded to your card.


Registered MobilityPLUS customers are able to Connect to GO for 50¢.  When booking your trip to the Kitchener GO Station, please advise the reservationist that you are a GO Transit rider. 

Along with your 50¢ fare, you will need to show a valid GO Transit ticket, day pass or Presto Card to your GRT MobilityPLUS operator when you board the vehicle.

For GO train schedules, please visit the GO Transit website.